Sunday, 28 August 2011

it hurts therefore it's a cactus.

Thoughts are like plants. If you don't water them, they won't last long.. Unless the plant turns out to be a cactus. Because cactuses are different from everything else. Those little prickly stuff can hurt as well as save your life from dehydration. Those are much more than regular plants. Cactus have a variety of adaptations that enable them to survive in hot and dry environments.

What do you do when you only ask for a tiny colourful plant and you get a dry-prickly cactus instead? What do you do with this plant -which now happens to be yours- that no matter what, will be always there annoying you as if you didn't have other plants to take care of? What do you do once that awful cactus, which you weren't looking for at all, becomes one of your favourite stuff in your garden, not because of its external beauty, but because of what is inside of it? WHAT ARE YOU SUPPOSED TO DO WITH SOMETHING LIKE THAT?

Will you stop running the water? You know it won't work.
Will you root it out completely? Good luck with that.
Will you keep the ugly cactus and try to figure out what to do with it? It's a cactus. It will certainly be much more difficult to deal with it than to deal with a bunch of flowers. You may prick youself..

There's something interesting about them though. They may be ugly. They may hurt you. They may be such big headed. However, they are warriors. They won't give up easily just because it gets a bit hot. No, no. They are meant to be part of the desert. They've got something inside that makes them different. It's the Water that keeps them running. They are survivors.

I wouldn't mind keeping the ugly cactus afterall. Would you?